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Meyer spruce are native to China and are similar in appearance to Colorado blue spruce. Meyer spruce are a hardy tree with dense, bluish-green needles, has good form, and grow in a variety of soils. Meyer spruce grow slowly the first few years after planting, but once established, the growth rate is similar to blue spruce. The species is increasing in popularity in eastern United States because it appears to be more disease resistant than blue spruce. Mature height is approximately 40 to 50 feet. Plant 12 feet apart in a windbreak

Meyer Spruce

  • Soil Preference: 

    • Moist, well-drained soil, 
    • Wet soil


    • Dry sites, 
    • Occasional drought, 
    • Wet sites, 
    • Occasional flooding, 
    • Alkaline soil, 
    • Clay soil