Yates apple is a heavy productive grafted apple tree. With its “Southern Roots”, many people would think that the Yates apple isn’t a good Northern apple. Yet, this tree is thriving well in temperatures down to -25 degrees, making this a solid apple tree into zone 4.  Yates apple tree is a heavy annual producer with a great tasting 2” applecrab and is very resistant to common apple tree diseases. Yates has excellent resistance to apple scab, fireblight, powdery mildew and good resistance to cedar apple rust. This tree has a great drop time of October, November, and well into December depending on how far north you are planting. The farther you move this tree north the later it hangs. Yates Apple tree will reach a mature height of 20’+. Plant Hardiness zones 4-8

Yates Apple

  • Soil Preference: 

    • Moist, well-drained soil, 
    • Wet soil


    • Dry sites, 
    • Occasional drought, 
    • Wet sites, 
    • Occasional flooding, 
    • Alkaline soil, 
    • Clay soil